$100 Million Funding Program for Public Schools – Homework & Test Sponsorship*


Schools receive considerable sponsorship by many means, such as advertisements in the printed programs for football games.  At my son’s high school, a collection of advertising banners is hung on the fence surrounding school property.  Businesses also give rewards (e,g, fast food & pizza) to students for good grades and attendance. A car dealership in my town gives away a car to a high school student who has perfect attendance during the school year.

The tax money pie has shrunk.  It will continue to shrink.  No matter how you slice it, there is simply less tax money to go around.  So, why not raise revenues for public schools by offering sponsorship opportunities for instructional materials (e.g., homework assignment & tests)?  In addition to businesses, some parents would sponsor homework assignments or tests for their children’s classes. (See news article below.)  This would replace some of the school funding that continues to be cut from the state budgets as the money pie continues to shrink.

*Below is an example analysis showing how you might raise $100 million for South Carolina public schools from sponsorship of  homework assignments.


Potential revenues for public schools from sponsorship of instructional material such as homework assignment


This is based upon:

700,000 SC students X  150 homework school days = 105,000,000 total student assignment days.

105,000,000 X $0.10 per/(assignment-day) = $10,500,000

This number increases with the number of classes that a student takes, assignments given, and if the sponsorship cost is increased.

$10,500,000 x 5 assignments/day x $0.20/assignment = $105,000,000

If you object to this type of sponsorship, then consider why it would be worse than any other type of school sponsorship that schools currently receive, especially if sponsorship of instructional materials were to be allowed as a form of tax payment (Tax Payment Choice.)  Would you prefer to have your child’s class size increased, or to lose their teacher in the middle of the school year? As with all things in schools, guidelines would be implemented.

You can read some articles about a teacher that sells ads for tests. (Google keywords: “teacher sells ads on tests”)

This following article has an image of an ad on a test.  It is just a single line that states,”Sponsored by…”  With guidelines, this can be done in an acceptable manner for students. Children would realize that people are paying attention to them.  Children and parents need to realize and appreciate that someone else is paying for their public education.

‘Ads on tests add up for teacher’

“About two-thirds of Farber’s ads are inspirational messages underwritten by parents. Others are ads for local businesses, such as two from a structural engineering firm and one from a dentist who urges students, “Brace Yourself for a Great Semester!”

Principal Paul Robinson says reaction has been “mixed,” but he notes, “It’s not like, ‘This test is brought to you by McDonald’s or Nike.’ “

If alternative funding methods are not employed to stabilize school funding, then what else is left to do but raise taxes or just keep cutting?

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