Gardens on Wheels – A home grown way to improve the quality of life of Seniors

It strikes me that many economic development initiatives and efforts are too grand, too vague, too lacking in specifics and focus, lacking in metrics that are necessary to measure progress, and just do not connect with people in a manner to be effective.  Many ED professionals apparently fail to recognize something obvious:

  • ANY ACTIVITY that people do as a group is economic activity
  • ANY ACTIVITY that organizes people is economic development

Take any simple activity that people can do by themselves.  Then, organize that simple activity.  You will have conducted economic development and created economic activity.  You will have promoted business formation and growth, and job growth by simply organizing simple activities.

Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to Senior Citizens.  Gardens on Wheels is a program that delivers container garden plants to Senior Citizens.

With approximately 40 million (40,000,000) Seniors age 65+ in the United States, Gardens on Wheels has the potential to produce a demand for 100 million (100,000,000) units. (It takes more than one plant to make a garden.)  Expanding this beyond the 65+ age groups would provide the potential to grow a significant, domestic industry.  (You can estimate the potential job creation.)

One summer, I drove to Missouri to visit my parents, ages 90 & 87.   Riding with me was a potted tomato plant.  Dad used to maintain a garden, but could no longer.  The potted plant survived the drive.  All Mom had to do was water the plant, and they had fresh tomatoes for a few months. (Tomato plants bear a lot of fruit.)

Gardens on Wheels is a program to provide potted garden plants to Seniors so they might have container gardens.  This could be done in conjunction with local growers and farmer’s markets, and would promote local produce.  The container plants would effectively be a vegetable “coupon” or “sample,” and seniors would acquire a taste for more produce.

Gardens on Wheels would enhance Senior nutrition, promote self-sufficiency, and generally improve the quality of life.  (While a plant does not provide the companionship of a puppy, many Seniors do have enough time on their hands to watch plants grow.)  Also, there in an increasing prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency because people to not spend enough time outside.  Gardens on Wheels give people a reason to go outside for a dose of sunshine.

Here is a very general procedure or project description for Gardens on Wheels:

Gardens on Wheels – General Procedure

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