$350 million funding proposal for South Carolina Public Schools


Consider that with a PK-12 enrollment of approximately 700,000 students in SC public schools, it only take $1.43 per student to raise $1,000,000.  That factors out to less than a nickel per week.

How many ways can you raise a nickel per student, especially if local businesses can also realize an extra nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar per student?  In most communities, children represent approximately 1 of every 6 people.  They can drive a tremendous amount of economic activity, so why not facilitate that in a way that benefits their education?

The tax revenue pie has shrunk and will continue to do so.  Stimulus money will run out.  People have to compete harder for competitive grants.  That leaves us with the cutting of staff and programs, tax increases, or hoping for “stimulus” or “bailout” money with all of its many strings attached.

The status quo does not work.  To maintain government services requires different ways of generating revenue.  Click below to look at a few different ways to stabilize public school funding.


It is not the amount money in the amount of money in the revenue streams that will stabilize government budgets.   It is a matter of how you divert the revenue stream through the community.  By diverting the same tax money thought local businesses (e.g., business partnerships & local shopping) on the way to the tax collector’s office, you generate additional economic activity and jobs.

In schools, the most important thing is to maintain stability because for some children, the classroom is the only stable environment they know. If our political leadership is not willing to try some different things to stabilize the classroom environment,  then they will have to just keep cutting as the money pie continues to shrink.  And no matter how they cut it, there is simply less to go around.

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