A Model for Structuring Public Service Organizations to Optimize Service Delivery

“But a want that is satisfied is no longer a want”
– Abraham Maslow

A psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow developed a theory to describe the influences (i.e.,needs) that motivate human behavior. These influences were grouped into categories that encompass a person’s bodily needs, their intrinsic drives, the environment, and interactions with other people. These categories are arranged into a Hierarchy of Needs.

Because a community is a group of people, certain needs must be met for it to function well, and for its citizens to realize a high quality of life. Because government exists to address many of those needs, Maslow’s Hierarchy of (personal) needs provides a logical structure for public service organizations, and for the delivery of public services.

The following is a model for aligning community services to meet the personal needs of citizens in a community.

The following is a process diagram showing show to structure a service organization and its resources for the optimum deliver of public services.

This is NOT to suggest that government does all things for all people.  The scope of government must be defined, along with the tax burden of its citizens.

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