Mitt Romney at 50% plus 11 delegates (as of 04-03-2012)

It’s not how much you’re beating the other guy that counts.  It’s how much you lead the pack.

A simple majority is defined as 50% plus 1 vote.  As of April 3, 2012 Mitt Romney has a slightly larger, simple majority of 50% plus 11 GOP Primary delegates.

While candidate Romney does have a commanding lead over each of his GOP Primary opponents, his estimated tally of  658  delegates from Primaries completed (including 8 superdelegates already committed from states yet to conduct their Primaries) rounds off to 50.9% of 1293 total the delegates. (50.88940% to be more precise.)

With an 11 vote majority, it looks like we still have a squeaker.

The graph below illustrates how Mitt Romney’s total percentages of delegates changed through the April 3, 2012 Primaries, and how those percentages would decline if he failed to capture any more delegates going into the GOP nominating convention.

The 2012 GOP nominating process does not look like a done deal.

The left side of the graph shows the percentage of total GOP delegates committed to Mitt Romney through the April 03, 2012 GOP Primaries. The right side of the graph shows how that percentage declines if he captures no more delegates going into the GOP nominating convention.
Data Source: New York Times 2012 Republican Delegate Tally (as of 04-03-2012}

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