Jim Kappler – Organizational Process Consultant

Owner of Community Metrics, LLC

I work with client organizations to help them create and optimize operating processes, procedure, and funding processes. My efforts are data directed, with a focus on short term implementation and immediate impact.


*Researching and organizing resources & activities to create user friendly systems.
*Writing procedures on “how to.”
*Using data to fix problems, make improvements, and meet objectives.

To start a discussion, please contact me at:


2 Responses to “About”

  1. johnreames Says:

    I have a friend from Anderson, Tim Moore, living here in Sumter who went to school @ TL Hanna… late ’70’s I believe… played football in H.S. and at Wofford. My uncle Carol ‘Frog’ Reames was an educator and coach for many years. I was district manager for asset protection for a major retailer in the upstate for five years… Anderson was in my district. I hope you all have the traffic on Clemson Blvd flowing better… what a nightmare it used to be!!!!

    Thanks for you suggestion… I will make sure that Chief Ewing gets the information.

  2. paycheckeconomics Says:

    Traffic on Clemson Blvd. get worse over time. The population has expanded. Clemson Blvd. has not. I will send other BEAS info and attachments in another e-mail to your e-mail address listed below

    Jim Kappler Resource & Funding Consultant Community Metrics, LLC Cell: 864-221-2137

    Because Quality of Life is Measured

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